Wednesday, August 3, 2016

St. Louis day 1

We had an amazing  weekend in St. Louis. We went to this awesome place called the City Museum. It has lots of things to climb, tunnels,swinging ropes,ladders,skate ramps,awesome slides and a big rooftop ferris  wheel. We spent all day there. The gluten free restaurants are amazing in St. Louis  too. We ate lunch at A2 GFCF squared cafe. Jack shared a gluten free pizza  and brownie with me then we played  at the museum for 6 hours. We had a few snacks there. As far as junk food at a children's museum. I was pleased that I could eat a bag of doritos and a snickers icecream  bar. Then after the museum we ate at the Alumni restaurant. They have a dedicated fryer for their homemade sweet potato chips and a yummy gluten free bun for my burger. We had a great time and I was so happy that there were food options for me. I live my life by taking non-perishable food items with me everywhere I go . I packed snacks that I kept in the hot car just in case. I had almonds dried fruit, gf protein bars and gf crackers .

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