Tuesday, August 9, 2016

St. Louis Day 2

The second day we packed a picnic lunch: sandwhiches,doritos,fruit and gluten free cookies. My friend, Angela had purchased me some gluten  free cheerios and gluten free cookies. They were so good. We packed up and went to Six Flags St. Louis. We had a blast there. Stayed in the water park mostly. Jack and I rode this scary tube water drop slide and it wasn't  the drop  that was scary,it was that there  was so much water in the tube that you couldn't breathe. We both felt like we were drowning,so we won't  be going on that  one again but we had a fun day. Then we went back to Illinois for ice cream and we all crashed,we were so tired. I was proud of Jack for playing with Leah too. They would argue with each other and then played for a while and then argue again. It's funny to see two only children try to figure out who the to dog is. Lol

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