Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bridal Shower

Anna's bridal shower was fun.  I think the kids had fun too. Here are just a few pics.  Anna opening presents, Gracie playing, Heather cleanin Ezra's face (yummy cupcake icing), Hannah and Gracie eating together, and a picture of the food table.  I finally got everything put back where it was and cleaned up, now I can take my antibiotic and relax.  I made a couple cards, I will make a new post for them.


MamaCass07 said...

AHHH! I didnt know you had your blog already! Geesh! Why didn't you tell me?? I love your decoration! WHERE did you get the spoons? The heart measuring spoons? I want to get some for the shower I am doing!

Toothy said...

I got them at Joann's in the dollar bins at the front of the store, but I got them I think in October.