Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Dad's visit

This is Jack's reaction when you tell him you are going to take his picture, wow he is just like his Daddy.  haha

This happened about 2 weeks ago, but of course I didn't have my camera on me, so my Dad took pictures.  Jack hardly ever gets to see my family because they all live in TN.  So, my Dad tries to come up and visit when he can which is not that often.  At first Jack was scared cause it is March and he hasn't seen the man since December and to a 2 year old that is an eternity.  He finally stopped hiding and came out to play with Grandpa.  We went swimming and ate dinner at Cracker Barrell.
This is Jack in his swim gear, he is wearing a swim diaper, swim trunks, swim vest and floaties.  I know it looks like a bit much, but Jack is super independent and wants to do his own thing and doesn't want to be held unless he wants you to hold him, so we have to be able to let go of him and still have him be safe.  We have tried taking the floaties off , but his head is so big( he gets it honest, we all have big heads) he just teeters over into the water.



The Boddeker Blog said...

He does not have a big head!! You are funny! I'm glad he got to visit with your dad.

ivwhy said...

OMG heather, i didn't even know you had a blog. just saw the link from mine.
what cute pie! (your son)