Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So, My Mom had Jack all this past weekend so I could clean and throw the bridal shower for Anna.  I was busy with shower stuff Friday and Saturday, but Sunday I got a chance to make some cards.  I wanted to make some simple and quick cards.  I'm having a problem with mailing cards with a lot of embellishments, I don't want to have to go to the post office every time, I want to be able to just stick a stamp on it and mail it.  So I decided to make a bunch of simple cards , just to have them on hand, and then when I use the card I will know who it is going to, if it is someone that I can just hand it to I will add bulky embellishments, if the card is getting mailed I can leave it as is or add some flat ribbon or eyelets.  My good friend from cafemom Dee has been helping me with my blog, she is great any question I have she has been answering me, so I followed your instructions Dee and I hope this slideshow works.


The Boddeker Blog said...

Heather, your cards are great! I always love it when we get one. The slideshow worked well too!!!

Mindy said...

Everything looks great...sweets and paper crafts, great combo. LOL!
xoxo Mindy (NFSFWhiteMocha from Cafemom)