Monday, April 6, 2009

Back to work

So, my week off flew by.  I took Jack to do so many things.  Last Wednesday Jack and I drove to Cottontown, TN and spent all day with my friend Jenny from high school and her son Jaxson.  The boys played nonstop, it was good to see them both.  

Cathy, Anna and I ate lunch at Applebees then we took Cathy to work on Thursday and then we were on a mission to find Jack something cute and ringbearer-like to wear to the wedding since the tux place doesn't make them in his size.  I had all about given up and just as we were headed to get a pretzel before we left the mall we found the cutest little brown pinstripe suit.  The pants are too long and will need to be hemmed, but I am super excited we found something to buy that is half the price it would have been to rent the tux/suit ( had they been able to make it in his size).  Yay!  The shoes are another story, my son has the widest feet ever.  

Yesterday we celebrated my nephew Nathaniel's birthday.  I can't believe he is 8.  Of course I don't have any pictures cause my memory card was full and hadn't had time to put the pics on the computer and format the memory card.  Jack just loves his cousins, they all played outside and ran around, then Doug made yummy cheese burgers ( Jack just wanted to eat chips, big SHOCKER there), then Nathaniel opened presents, he got a lot of outdoor toys and games.  I didn't realize the toy I got him was so crazy dangerous until I saw people actually trying to use it.  It is like a pogo stick on a ball only its not a pogo stick its more like a handle attached to a really thick rubberband attached to foot pedals attached to a ball.  I swear I am not trying to kill my nephew ,I thought it would be fun, and of course the only person that could actually bounce on the crazy thing is Doug.  Anna made this really yummy cake it was chocolate fudge cake with swirl red, orange and yellow frosting,  Just when I thought Jack was going to inhale the whole cake, he didn't want anymore, I guess he can actually stop eating chocolate. who new.  Another cool toy Nathaniel got was this bubble rocket, you step on a pedal which shoots air through a tube and launches the rocket that is dipped in bubble solution so when it takes off the air blows bubbles through the rocket.  Of course Jack tried and tried but he really only stepped on it and launched it once, everybody clapped.

I forgot to add that it was so warm yesterday that I had to change out of the clothes I was wearing and put on capris and a shirt made of thinner material.  Today there were snow flurries at work (crazy weather).  Well today was my first day back at work after being off for a week and it is spring break for all the school kids, so of course the office will be crazy busy this week with lots of kids.  I just hope I have time and energy to make at least one card or project.

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Heather said...

the weather has been CRAZY here too. It sounds like a wonderful birthday ~ I remember having a pogo stick thing like that so I pictured the entire story smiling the whole time. Thanks for sharing. I cant wiat to see pics of your sweet little man in the suit!