Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter at Nana's and a wall hanging

We went to my Mom's (Nana's) yesterday to celebrate Easter at Macon county Bank in LaFayette, for a big candy and egg hunt.  It only lasts about 20 minutes, cause those kids grab candy and eggs fast.  Jack had fun last year I think he was too young, then we went back to Nana's house and Jack played with her dog Lady, and he opened his presents from the Easter Bunny, then we ate this wonderful Bunny cake that Nana made.

Today we are going to easter at Gracie's house, we are also celebrating her birthday today, and this is the room plaque that I made for her.  The plaque is really sparkly, I had this flower (wood) and butterfly (chipboard), but they were not really the right colors that I needed them to be, so I got out my trusty stickles (glitter glue) and covered up the colors that didn't match with the colors that did match.  I also punched 2 butterflies from pink glitter paper.  I used my cuttlebug to punch out the letters for her name and then I stamped pink flowers on the word "Gracie" and green polka dots on the word "room", then I used my Martha Stewart doily lace punch.  I hope she likes it.


sanwanyak said...

HAPPY Easter..looks like Jack had a the cae very cute!

stardustgemsandribbon said...

Thanks for linking my candy.
Carole :D

The Boddeker Blog said...

The room plaque was great! I also love the placemat that your mom made for Gracie. The card you made was awesome!!

MamaCass07 said...

Wow! You guys go all out for Easter! Check out that cake! Maybe next year Noah can do the church egg thing! Stinking sickies!