Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy Busy, but not too busy for cards.

I have entered in some secret sister swaps, card making kit swaps, and image swaps, so I have not had time to craft lately, here are a few things that I made on Sunday that I am just getting around to posting.  The first one is for the addicted 2 bellas group in cafemom,  for the challenge this week we had to make a free standing pop-up card, and this is the card that I made.  I am not too happy with it,  I am going to make another one using thicker cardstock so it actually stands upright like it is supposed to.  If you look at the picture closely on the right side you can see an ink pen that I slid in the base to stand it up for the picture.  Well it was my first try, now that I have the hang of all the folds I want to make a better card.    The next card that I made was for cousin Christian's birthday.  It is hard for me to make older boy cards and I new he liked money and candy, so I made this diaper fold card with some double sided paper that I was rak'd, plus I heard him playing basketball outside and wanted to whip up something fast so I could actually give it to him instead of just leaving it by the door and risking the chocolate melting.  Oh there was a candy bar but it isn't in the card in the picture.  


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The Boddeker Blog said...

The card was great!! Christian thought it was really cool and the girls wanted to get their hands on the candy! Thank you for thinking of him!