Monday, April 27, 2009

Jack at Nana's, Me at Cassandra's and a Dance Recital

This past weekend was super busy.  Jack spent the weekend at Nana's house (my Mom) and they played outside the whole time.  There are a lot of cute pictures of Jack playing on a horsie, with their dog Lady, discovering worms, and he really loves this plywood bridge (he is even mowing it).  

I drove down to TN to visit my cafemom friend Cassandra, we looked at each others stamps and made us some images, then we only made 2 cards each and I was there for 6 hours.  But we made progress, the last time I was there she stamped and I just took pictures of the 2 boys playing on the horsie.  I had 2 card kits that I had to make cards with.  The froggy ketto card was from Carol and the sweetybellas card was from johnsbabygirl.  She sent some pretty butterfly paper, but I couldn't make it work with the image so I cut out a butterfly, blinged it out with stickles and popped it up.

Then on Sunday I got to attend a dance recital.  My SIL danced with her group the BG Rockerz and My hubby's cousin's daughter, which I think would be Jack's 3rd cousin Holly danced in several dances and she is amazing.

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NormaJean said...

Hi Heather, thats so neat you and cass got together, thats sound like such a good time