Saturday, September 20, 2014


This day was awesome but it wasn't that Jack and I went on a heritage tour and a cave tour , it was that this was Jason's idea.  Those of you that know my husband knows that he never likes to leave the house unless he has to.  Jack thought the cave was awesome and he saw the campsites on the way out and he asked me "when are we going to camp here"? I told him that I have a tent and I was just waiting for him to want to go. My Mom has him spoiled taking him camping in cabins and he said he didn't want to tent camp . Well now he has changed his mind. Yay. We will go camping sometime this month.  We set the brand new tent up in the backyard to make sure it had everything it was supposed to come with and that I knew how to set it up and bring it back down.  I can't wait. Some of my favorite memories as a child were when we went camping. 

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