Saturday, September 6, 2014

Busy few weeks

What a busy few weeks we have had.  Since we have work , homeschool and fall baseball there is not much time for anything else but we still manage to sneak stuff in.  The hostess of Bunco for August had a Luau theme and that was fun plus I totally bonded with her dog Jagger. I just love animals ,except for cats ,I have never liked cats or snakes. I ran an obstacle course mud run with my friend Becky.   Jack had the chance to swim with his cousins on labor day. Jack loves science experiments and we made a tornado in a bottle this week. Lol I did not realize that my breakfast was also in the picture with the tornado experiment.  My gluten free breakfast of Champions: Greek yogurt ,hard boiled egg ,clementine and coffee. I also got some good news about my celiac disease,  the Dr said all my numbers are normal now. Celiac disease is where gluten prevents your small intestine from absorbing nutrients and I had 9 different nutrient and vitamin deficiencies.  It can take up to 2 years to replenish the villi of the small intestine and I went gluten free in May of 2012.  So finally the Dr is starting to see normal numbers and I'm starting to feel better.

We have had some fun homeschool outings.   He has gone bowling with the homeschool PE group , gone to an ice cream social, we went to the back to school bash today, we have our first field trip coming up too.  Jack is always shy and nervous for the first 15 or 20 minutes then he comes out of his shell. The back to school bash was from 12 to 4 and it lasted the whole time. He had his usual shyness/socially awkward phase then once he got over that he played non stop with his new friends. I thought he was gonna cry when it was time to leave but he did good. The last picture is of our dog Maya ,I took her for a 3 and a half mile walk/jog this morning and I thought it was cute how exhausted she was. She fell asleep quick after her walk.

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