Sunday, September 14, 2014

Loving Life and Scrabble

I love that Jack is almost 8 ,he is getting less picky. I have to eat gluten free because I have celiac disease,  but they don't. My husband and son have been really good lately about trying new things.  I guess they learned that if they want momma to cook then it will be gluten free. I found this cheap gf beef stroganoff at  Walmart and my picky eaters loved it.

Jack already loves the game of Life and Candy land but I wanted a game that would also help with his spelling and vocabulary, so we started playing scrabble. I love when I can sneak in educational stuff during the week that is not during our typical homeschool hours.

I also try to take Jack to the Lego club at our library twice a month. I was able to take 2 of my nephews this time and they had a blast.  We went to sonic for mini shakes after lego club. 

Also later this week we met with the homeschool PE group and played Dodge ball.  Jack loved it. After dodge ball we went to eat and played in the park with his best friend and his brothers.  I don't know how I got in 3 hours of teaching before dodge ball but we did.  

I was worried about homeschool being challenging and it hasn't been. Jack has done great. Jason and I are doing really well as educators. The main problem with homeschooling an only child is recess or exercise and socializing.  That is where I come in since my husband doesn't like to leave the house unless he has to. Jason is good about playing catch in the backyard or walking to Grandma's and going swimming.  I'll take him to parks,  play basketball with him and he has PE group twice a month.  Thank goodness for the local homeschool groups (we belong to 3 of them) and the local public library has educational and fun group meetings.  He has a field trip to the library, ky down under , educational cave tour , a school day play of the little shop of horrors,  and the homeschool fall festival to look forward to. Have I mentioned that I live the city we live in , I do not miss Nashville at all.

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