Saturday, September 20, 2014

KY down under

We went on our first all day field trip Friday to KY Down Under. Jack had a blast ,he fell asleep pretty quickly on the drive home.  We spent about 20 minutes every day this week learning about Australian animals ,so Jack was ready , interested and excited.  Out of everything we did and saw , it surprised me that his favorite was the laughing kookaburra. I think my favorite was the female grey kangaroo with the Joey in her pouch and the ring tailed lemurs.  All in all a great first field trip . Jack and I discussed what we would see and review what we learned about Australian animals on the trip up there and we would have reviewed on the way back but he was asleep.  We also got to do the Onyx cave tour ,which was super fun and he got to see his friends that he made from the homeschool PE group and meet new friends too.

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