Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Post #2

After we left the Opry Mills Mall, we headed to go see Thomas the Train.

Jack is waiting patiently for the story telling to start.

I can't believe he actually stayed in his seat, while the story was being read, I was shocked.

Time to play with some train sets, he had so much fun with the trains.  He cried when we left.

Jack was so excited to have a picture taken with Thomas and Dad.

Here they are on the train (which went really slow by the way, not actual train speed).  Jack looks so tired in this picture.

Here I am after a long hot day.

He was so excited just to see the trees outside.

Then after we saw Thomas the Train, we took Jack to spend the night at my Mom's, here is a picture with Jack and his Grandad, trying to read a Thomas book.

and while Jack was at Nana's house, I got the chance to card with Cass all day Sunday.  Cass's Mom watched Noah and my Mom watched Jack, so we had a whole day to craft and make cards without our kiddos.  More to come on that in another post.

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This N That said...

It looks like Jack had a blast! So glad you all didn't get rained out!