Wednesday, September 30, 2009

St Louis Zoo Post #2

I love my new camera and it's zoom.

Here are some more pics of our zoo trip.

The sea lion show, the sea lions names were Elaine and Rosie

Jack was so excited to see the penguins, he couldn't stop talking about them the whole way to the zoo and the whole way back.

Jack posing with Neal (my friend Angela's boyfriend)

Jack showing off his new penguin

and his St. Louis train that has a really loud ( extremely anoying) whistle when you squeeze it.

The day after we came back from our trip we went to Melissa's so Jack and Gracie could play, and Jack tried marshmallows for the first time and he looooved them.  They played hungry hungry hippo and Jack kept taking Gracie's trains.  That boy is obsessed with trains.

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Heather said...

OH O LOVE HIM!!! WHAT A HANDSOME< SWEET AND DARLING LITTLE MAN!!! Oh me is going to break hearts!!! :)

It looks like a lot of fun and a wonderful day!