Saturday, September 26, 2009

St Louis trip #1

Here are the first group of photos from St Louis.

Jack got along well with Angie's nephew Bobby.

Here is a picture of the 3 boys before we headed into the zoo.  The one in the middle is Owen (Angela's cousins son).  This picture is funny cause the other 2 boys are 8 months to a year older than Jack and they all look to be the same size.

kids discovery center, it's a boat.

What's in that log, it's a snake.

Angela will make a fabulous MOM, she is due in December.

THE ANIMAL SHOW, Bobby and Jack stands up to get a better view.

Angela's baby bump

Petting Zoo!  Jack brushing a goat.

Crazy huge beetle statue that the boys wanted to climb on.

This is a picture of grumpy Jack before he took a nap.

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This N That said...

I am in love with the pic of the boys standing to get a better view, lol! Not sure what it is, but its super cute. I also love the grumpy jack face. SO typical of lil men when they are hot and tired! LOoks like you had a blast!