Friday, August 1, 2014

4 yr weight loss or um gain Anniversary

I started losing weight in July of 2010 and by July of 2011 I had lost 80 pounds and kept it off the next year and built up muscle. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2012 and the Dr told me I would gain weight because when you have Celiac disease, gluten damages your small intestine and then you are unable to absorb nutrients so your body is malnourished.  When you stop eating gluten ,your body becomes healthy again and you are able to absorb nutrients again and you absorb everything so you gain weight. I gained 15 pounds within the first month going gf and gradually put on the next 10 over the next yr.  So ,here it is 4 yrs after I started eating better and working out every day and I had gained 25 of it back.  I also had to watch my sugar in take which includes fruit. Three weeks ago I decided I had enough and really focused on my goals and bam 3 weeks later and I have lost 7 pounds. I just need to focus on my goals.  I think I can lose the remaining weight by Christmas.  Here is a picture of my new haircut which I love.

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