Friday, August 1, 2014

First day of school

My son had a great first day of second grade. When my husband first approached me about homeschooling our son ,who was in Kindergarten at the time ,I laughed.  I didn't think he was actually serious.  I even hurt his feelings a little. Then when he brought it up again when our son was in first grade ,I listened.  I knew he was serious that time so I went into research and organization mode. There is a super nice lady that works at the library that was home schooled as a child and she told me all about the laws of homeschooling for the state of KY and about great support groups to join. I called and talked to people and was welcomed with open arms into the homeschool groups and community.  I couldn't believe that over 400 people are home schooled every year in the county I live in. I did the background  work on the legal stuff and my husband found so many free educational apps and websites plus a ton of online learning databases through the public library.  My husband made me a list of what he needed for the homeschool classroom and we made our purchases. The local parent teacher store had an 80% off sale so we purchased our curriculum.  We decided since I would teach on Fridays and some Saturdays as make up days that we would start school on a Friday.  Jason will be teaching Monday through Thursday.  Fortunately my boss takes about 6 weeks off a year for horse shows and we have some time off coming up so I can give Jason a break. Today was Jack's first day and it went amazing , we even played basketball for recess.
On a side note my Mom has to have surgery and I will be going to her place to cook ,clean and do laundry any time that I am off for about a month. Thank goodness homeschool is portable and can be taught anywhere .
I asked Jack what he thought of his first day of school and he said it was awesome and gave me two thumbs up.  This was just one day though ,I will cross my fingers that a whole week will go as smoothly.
Here are some pictures of our homeschool classroom and of his first day of school. I was saving this digging for gems kit specifically for our first day of school.  Now, Jack is playing a game of buried treasure with his gems at Nana house. Sometimes weird choices in life take you on a strange yet awesome adventure. I guess you could say we took the road less traveled by.

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