Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fun with science

I just happened to have the week off of work. I worked Monday. Since I have off , I have been giving my husband a break from homeschooling. Jack and I have had lots of fun and creativity with learning this week. We have completed cool weather science experiments, science centers at the library, and of course, lots of reading, writing and arithmetic.  Jason has been giving me an hour to an hour and a half break to workout with my friend Becky since we are training for a mud run. We have a camping trip coming up and I've even tried to include camping words in the spelling list.  I have to admit this homeschool stuff is fun (says the person that volunteered foe 8 hours on her day off from work at my son's school for the past 5 years). I'm a little jealous that my husband has so much more time to teach than I do. I just have an hour every morning and 6 hours on Friday. This was one of our fun science experiments on the water cycle. We made it rain. All you need is water ,shaving foam ,a clear glass and food coloring.

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