Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 2 of camping fun

Started off the day with breakfast ,then bounced on the pillow, then put put golf , I made a WKU colored friendship bracelet while Jack played at the playground. Then we swam ,played in the splash pad area ,ate a snack at the duck pond,  then went to the water slide for 2 hours. I only went on the slide 3 times then I spread my towel on the hill and read my book while Jack road the slide over and over again. Then it was dinner time ,candy bar bingo ,more bouncing on the big pillow, roasting starbursts over the fire and watching Frozen on the outdoor movie theater.  The nice neighbor next door felt sorry for me and built our fire. Yay for neighbor's, he could clearly see that I had no idea what I was doing.  Momma is tuckered out. Oh I also forgot to mention that we home schooled for 3 hours before the bounce pillow even opened this morning.  Whew. I knew we were gonna do a half day on Friday and a half day on Saturday so Jack could partake in all the activities.  The best part was that he was compliant.  Yay! I also forgot to mention that today's fun filled day was fueled by Folgers. It is good to the last drop.

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