Thursday, October 29, 2015

Busy week as usual

I love this time of year  and being able to spend time with my family  and teach  Jack but I'm  exhausted and ready get back to work and my normal routine. Jack is learning  the skeletal system and we are reading  Charlotte's  Web so we have had lots of skeleton and spider crafts. We had to throw in another science experiment  too. Even the reading comprehension , spelling words and math have been themed. I also found some cute Halloween mad libs , so Jack can work on his adverbs and adjectives.  He is definitely  my child because it is taking him forever to learn the difference  between the two , and I struggled with that. He is also showing dislexia tendencies and I do as well. I've  never been diagnosed with full blown dislexia but sometimes I switch words and sentences and flip  numbers. Thank goodness I work for patient Dr's  because I can't  even tell you how many times I have found a cavity , written it down for them to look at it properly but then when I said it out loud it would be the opposite  surface.
We did a fun science  experiment with vinegar and baking soda of course.  Take a permanent  marker and draw faces  on zip lock bags then put  vinegar  and corn starch with food coloring in the bags. Then you make a baking soda and toilet paper bath bomb then zip up the bag and shake it up then watch. We made a handprint spider craft which would have been cuter if Jack didn't  have  giant  hands. We made a fun spider  snack with a marshmallow , chocolate  chips and pretzel sticks. Jack was super  excited to go see Maven again at Paws to read at the library.  As a reward this week we went to see the Goosebumps  movie in 3D too. It was awesome! Then we did a skeleton craft  with white paint and Q tips. 

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