Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall camping

The weekend after we arrived home from Florida we went camping.  No rest for me. It was 70 degree weather with a light drizzle of rain which is great compared to the current weekend I'm  in right now.  Now it is heavy wind and rain and it is in the 50's. Camping  is always  a fun adventure for my Mom , Jack and I.  The men hate camping so they stay home and do the laundry , dishes and take care of the dogs while we are gone. I think thay is a pretty  fair trade.  I'm  so happy that  Jack is able to ride a bike now. He just learned  this year. It has been so nice to ride bikes with him when we camp. He was bored  while we were setting up since he couldn't really help with that portion of the set up so he road his bike. We found  a cool bike path too. We went camping at Mammoth Cave. I swear we find new trails every time we are there. My mom has never been camping there so we took her to the mouth of the cave to spot bats. We took her on some of our  favorite  hiking trails and to the visitor center museum. We even took a drive on the ferry to the other side to show her around. She loved  it and said it was a beautiful  park.

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