Thursday, October 22, 2015

I love to cook

I love  this time of year when  I am off work and get to spend a lot of time  with my fellas.  I live to cook now.  I used to hate it but when you have an autoimmune  disease  that  makes it extremely  difficult  to eat out  , you learn to adapt. I have all my recipes  planned out. Tuesday  night  was chicken parmesan  casserole.  Thank goodness for gluten  free Italian  bread crumbs. We had leftovers  Wednesday.  Tonight was Italian  pork chops and tomorrow  is chili cheese nachos.  We have a super busy day tomorrow, so I have to make quick food. I will make several make ahead and freeze items too. I will make breakfast  muffins , sausage cheese balls  and puppy  chow to have on hand when an unexpected  party comes up.

I love teaching Jack. We studied more about ancient Greece , Charlotte's  Web reading and vocabulary , creative writing , math , a little physics (rocket launch and why Jack's  rocket did not go very far and  every one else's  did) and a little fall art. His rocket was too top heavy.  The weather  was absolutely  beautiful.  Jack  even joined Maya  and I for our daily walk.  I got to eat lunch and catch  up with my friend Becky as well. All in all it was a great day.

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