Friday, October 9, 2015

Co-op days

Jack missed the last co-op since we were in Florida, so this was the 3rd day but Jack's  second. Jack loves homeschooling and he said he thinks he will love co-op too.  We have a good routine going now. Jack knows what to expect. 
Co-op is always  fun and a lot of the parent teachers Jack goes to are actually teachers. In fact a lot of homeschool parents were teachers as their profession or parents with advanced degrees.
He did a fun science experiment, learned about matter, mass and weighing.  We discussed ounces,  pounds, inches and feet too. He made a fun fall craft, learned about ancient  Egypt and had to  give 2 public  speeches, which he did pretty well with. 

One of my best friends , Jennifer is expecting and I went to her  baby shower. I love the Dr Seuss  theme for showers. 

Jack  had a fun day with his cousin too. The weather was beautiful.  All they wanted to do was play electronics but this mean Mommy/Aunt forced them outside for a picnic  , scavenger  hunt,  playing at the park  day instead.  They had a blast.

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