Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Off work for over a week

Jack just came back from a few days at Nana's  with some awesome  painted pumpkins.

I look forward to the week or week and a half my bosses take off every year in October.  Fall is my favorite  season. Now that we homeschool  , I get excited and look forward to teaching Jack. Jason looks forward to taking a break from teaching but he has admitted  to me that he gets  bored when he isn't  teaching  Jack.

We have "The Lightning Thief" the musical coming up Friday so I planned his history and geography around Ancient Greece and Greek mythology. He loved  it of course. We will also visit The Parthenon. We also have started a "Charlotte's  Web" unit study.  We are reading the book and I'm  asking  questions and his spelling and vocabulary  words are being pulled from the book and we  are throwing in science about life on a farm ,  animal life cycles and parts of a spider.  We had to  throw in fun math too.  I signed him up for the "Paws to Read" program at the library.  He was mad at me at first. I did it so he can get put if his comfort zone and learn to read to an audience other than Mom and Dad. Jack. Was scared  to death but loved it and said he couldn't  wait to do it again. I'm  enjoying  the beautiful  weather,  being off of work and teaching Jack.

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