Sunday, October 18, 2015


What an awesome  week this has been. I have had the sniffles  and been congested but thay doesn't slow me down. Last weekend we had a fun cousin play date. Jack got to hammer together a haunted  birdhouse  at Lowe's  with Aiden. Then I wanted Italian  food so we headed  to Meijer. I picked up a gluten  free french  baguette for my Italian  food. Jack had to ride on Sandy , I hope he doesn't  break it. I made garlic cheesy  bread and mozzarella  stuffed  meatballs. Then after dinner I started  my new book and we had a bonfire. 

This week Jack had an awesome  field trip at Jackson's  Orchard. He went on a hayride , picked an apple , went through  the corn maze , saw really cool scarecrows, pocked a pumpkin , watched  a cool video on how to make apple cider , ate a picnic lunch  with  his friends , had a cookie and cider slush then played a long time with his friend  Hadden . After the field trip and finishing  up our school day we drove to Nana's  house. My Mom made me gluten free chicken and dumplings  and gluten free cupcakes  then we made a bonfire. 

The next day I drove home and picked up Cathy so she could meet her new WKU Best Buddy. They dressed  up and went to Jackson's  Orchard. Two days at Jackson's  Orchard ? Why  not ? The weather  was beautiful! 

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